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Parachuting of any kind is an extremely dangerous activity that can result in serious bodily injury and death.

The parachuting articles and photos on this website are not intended to serve as encouragement, advice and/or instructional and/or training aids for beginning, active and potential skydivers, and/or anybody contemplating participating in a dangerous activity such as parachuting.  Rather, they are intended to characterize the modern sport of skydiving/parachuting for entertainment purposes.

I do not necessarily endorse, recommend or condone the practice of parachuting from aircraft or from fixed objects of any height or type.

Proper instruction by competent, qualified individuals using proper equipment must be obtained before attempting any life-threatening activity such as parachuting.

The parachuting information contained on this website is presented for entertainment purposes and has been compiled from personal experience, professional training & instruction, and research.

I accept no responsibility for damages incurred by anybody, and/or their heirs and/or successors, attempting to re-enact, duplicate or imitate activities described, depicted and/or pictured on this website.

Always seek proper instruction & qualification before attempting any dangerous and/or difficult and/or unfamiliar activity.