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The 1999 -- 2001 Rocketeer Air Force Guest Book
Discussions & comments about the Korean war, vintage fighter aircraft photos, air force memorabilia and the F-86 jet fighter.


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------------------Mon Feb 7 21:15:33 PST 2000

Great web site. I spent my time across the tracks in a P-80 cockpit and sleeping in tents. I didn't know the 86 drivers had bungalows with hot/cold running H20, or I would have visited now and then. If I remember right, those guys even had an ice machine! I was there August '53 in the 45 TAC RECCE. Fond memories.  Thanks.


------------------Wed Jan 19 11:13:49 PST 2000

Hello, my father was on a carrier in WWII.  I have his scrap book and I got see him in action.  I was so very proud.  When he died a year ago I realized that he never told me about his days and nights in action.  I am now a Respiratory Therapist and I am looking to get involved at a Veterans hospital.

I have the up-most respect for the veterans that made our country what it is today. The U.S. Navy sent an officer to present my mother with a flag and the officer simply stated "Please accept this flag on behalf of a grateful nation".  I guess I just wanted to say thank you to you and all veterans and may God offer you every blessing.

Gary DiLorenzo

 ------------------Mon Jan 17 08:46:03 PST 2000

Just reviewed your web sight.  It brought back memories.  I was stationed at K-14 during '52 and '53.  I was in the 335th FIS -Chiefs-

L.E. Mevis

 ------------------Thu Jan 13 20:03:58 PST 2000

Hi John, Really enjoyed this site.  I was a Surveyor with the 811th Engineer Aviation Battalion from Oct 1952 thru Oct 1953.  We pulled up one half the metal strip and paved while the fighters would take off on the other half.  When I left, the strip was paved and we were extending it.  Have a few pics myself of the fighters at ready, and taking off.  Appreciated the aerial view of strip.


------------------Thu Jan 13 09:34:52 PST 2000

Thank You VERY MUCH for this site, it is quite a Wonderful Gift to us that weren't quite old enough to take on the infamous "Mig Alley" ourselves.  God Bless the soldiers that had to loose their lives to protect the virtues of Liberty and Democracy that the U.S. holds so dear.  And may God Bless those who served over MiG Alley and came back home to teach the tactics that were learned and polished to the next generation of jet drivers.  I Sincerely Thank You All for your devotion and balls of steel to stare at the enemy and never blink!

"Fighting The Good Fight"

Dan Fowler (Houston, Texas) 

------------------Mon Jan 3 13:16:58 PST 2000

Hi, my name is Edward Funaro, I really enjoyed your site.  It brought back memories of my tour at K-14.  I was with the 67th Tac Recon Wing, 6166th weather recon squadron as a radio mechanic and operator.  I was there from March 1952 to March 1953.  I would like to hear from anyone there in my outfit at that time.

My Email is


------------------Wed Dec 22 21:41:43 PST 1999

I would like to thank you for the great time and effort you have spent on this site.    My father had just went into the military in 1953.  In talking with my mother, dad had worked on the F-86 Sabre engine.  He was trained as an instructor and spent 28 years in the Airforce.

Thanks once again for the great web page and the feeling I get when I am on it.    God Bless all who have served in the military defending our nation.

- Jeff Strahan 

------------------Mon Dec 20, 1999:

Last October, James Richards remarked in your guest book about the Mig15 that landed at Kimpo in 1953.

I've just read the "Flight Testing" section of the Mig in The Historic Wings Website which I accessed through your site.

Of particular interest to me was the section about "Flight Testing". That section tells about testing on Okinawa and at Wright-Patterson, but doesn't mention testing at Eglin AFB, FL.  Eglin was the Air Proving Ground Command at the time the Mig was sent there for testing.

I was in refueling then and performed that "service" several times during the Mig's stay. We had to special order JP-1 fuel and designate a refueling rig solely for the Mig.

Even though it had been several months since the "defection", that aircraft was still a novelty. One of my particular recollections is that of watching "comparison" flights where the Mig and another aircraft would start takeoff at the same time. It was amazing to watch the Mig zooming up and away while an F-86 was just barely lifting off.

Another feature which intrigued me was when an armorer demonstrated to me the simplicity with which the cannon and two machine guns, the Mig's armament, could be accessed and reloaded.

I have, and I'm sure others such as armorers, mechanics, etc. have their recollections of that time and place. It could be interesting if some of those people would share their memories.

Its a great experience to be able to access your subject specific site.  You are to be congratulated.  Thanks for sharing.

- Tom Nielson

------------------Sun Dec 5 19:42:55 PST 1999

Hi, I am James E. Sutton and I was with the 39th FIS in Korea 53 and 54, stationed at K-13.  I read your web site and enjoyed it.  I belong to the Sabre Pilots org and I was exploring their site, so I found yours. It is good and I like it.  Thanks for the info.  By the way, I am in contact with the MIG Pilot that defected. I have dinner with him on occasions.  We pick his mind and he is interesting.  I almost got him as I was on an approach at K-14 at the time.  He landed downwind.

------------------Sun Nov 28 16:40:14 PST 1999


Although I only know your father through what you have told me, it sounds like he was a man that made things count. I am fascinated by the stories and the photos.

What an incredible tribute you have designed for him and all of the persons involved. Thanks for the great reading.


Your friend,


------------------Wed Nov 24 16:45:51 PST 1999



------------------Fri Nov 12 08:12:53 PST 1999

How Great to see my Uncle Mark's name!  Captain Halphide, my Uncle Mark, is mentioned in the journal entry for the 336th's homepage [now moved to the page linked above - webmaster].  It's wonderful.

My sister had left me an urgent message to check my e-mail.  She gave me your URL and I flew up the  stairs to my office to check it out! I am delighted and can't wait to let my aunt and cousins know about it. 

I know we will continue to check back to see any additions. Congratulations on a great web site.

- Susan Halphide-Dolezal

Bend, OR

------------------Tue Nov 9 19:19:05 PST 1999

Mr. Starr,

I am a 7th grade teacher in South Carolina that teaches world geography, and am a military brat as well. While searching for some new info for my  students for Nov 11th I found your site.

My purpose in writing to you is to tell you that I was unaware of the squadron name, but my team at school is the Rocketeers. I will be sharing this website with my students to add to the history of our team.   We have 130 students on our team.

Thank you and good luck,

- Libbie Tatum

------------------Sat Nov 6 16:42:13 PST 1999

My name is Katherine Halphide-Griffith. Mark  Halphide was my uncle. My dad was his brother.  My sister and I are doing genealogy for both sides of our family and I am trying to find as much info as possible on Mark as he was a wonderful person.

I am sure you know he died of cancer. I felt a  tremendous loss. 

If there is any info you can share, even stories I would be glad to have the info.    My e-mail is

I live in Bend, OR.

I enjoyed all of this website. Thanks.  

------------------Wed Oct 13 19:20:49 PDT 1999


I knew Bill at K-14 in the 336th. I was one of the new guys that had to learn all the songs your Dad had before we could fly in the 336th. I had a record by Rusty Warren, the Knockers Up gal and your Dad had a bit to do with that record but I can't find it right now. What you have done is great.

- Jim Chapman

------------------Tue Oct 12 15:40:44 PDT 1999

Dear John Starr,

I think that your website is nothing short of spectacular.  I just missed meeting your dad as I didn't pick up the squadron until they arrived in Misawa Japan in December of '54. I was a  crew chief and was with the Fabulous Rocketeers for two years.    The ground crewman that parked the defecting MIG was Preston A. Lyles- AF18459130. Your web page dedicated to your father's memory is a great tribute. I feel that it serves as a tribute to all of those who served with such willingness and patriotism. May God bless. I am ordering a copy of the songs on the CD. Keep up the good work. Many thanks to you. 

- James P.J. "Stretch" Richards

------------------Thu Oct 7 05:25:43 PDT 1999

Hello my name is Dick Peterson I was with the 335th sq. from Nov. 1953 until Oct. 1954. I was a Crew Chief on aircraft FU 945 and I would like to hear from anyone from the 4th fighter wing.  My E-mail:

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