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The 2003 Rocketeer Air Force Guest Book
Discussions & comments about the Korean war, vintage fighter aircraft photos, air force memorabilia and the F-86 jet fighter.


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I served with the 336th FDS at Kadena AFB. I was a clerk in the Flight Line Maintenance Office under MSG Sweeney and Cpt Schneider. We had the F-86F's until the new F-100D's and F-100F's came in. The guys really loved working on the 86's. This was I believe in 1955 or 56. I love this site, keep up the good work.

Just another comment, the 336th FDS was deactived and sent to Seymour-Johnson AFB in NC and the 12th FBS was activated and I am not sure where the unit came from.

- R.West
posted 12/20/2003


Enjoyed your site. I was at Kimpo with the 45th tac. recon. sqd. from Sept 1953 to 1954. I was a hydraulic specialist but did everything. When I got there we hardly had any crew chiefs, no engine crews so we all did a little of everything. It would be nice to hear from any of the guys from my unit or tent.

Joe Musone,
posted 12/2/03


Hi, just wanted to say Ienjoyed your site so much, it brought back to me many memories of my time at Kimpo in 1953-54. I was with the 4th fighter sqd, armament spec., and enjoyed my time on the SABER...there will never be another plane like it.. thank you so much for bringing back long forgotten memories to an old 70 year old ... I retired in 1973 cmsgt with the 317th fighter sqd.
posted 12/2/03


Great site. I was a pilot in the 335th FIS, Dec '52, Oct. '53, flew with Lonnie Moore and Vermont Garrison many times. Loved the F-86, retired in 1980. Thanks.

- Bill
Posted 11/21/03


Hi John:

I enjoyed your website on the F-86 in Korea and the War photos. I am trying to locate a gentleman named Richard Raymond Martin, who is supposed to have been an F-86 pilot in the Korean war. If you have any suggestions; websites or areas to look, I would appreciate hearing from you. I am a novice at this type of thing. I suspect that Richard is in his early 70's now.


Donald L. Mallick
Posted 10-10-03


My father (Major Harold A. Wyatt) was the Operations Officer and F-86F pilot with the 44th FBS (18th FBW) stationed at Clark AFB in the Philippines in 1953-54. I believe he led the first fighter sweeps in Formorsa and was in time magazine for that mission in 1954. He passed away in 1982 without passing on much knowledge of that event. Anway, I'm interested in anything I can learn about that 44th FS at that time. I'll check this web-site periodically for information.

- Mike Wyatt
posted 10-10-03



My grand father Bob Kinser rescued A man by the name of Lt. Rideout out of a jeep accident. They were both stationed with the 4th fighter interceptor Squadron in Kimpo. If you have any information on this man or Bob Kinser please e-mail or call me. Sorry I do not have very much information.

Many thanks!!

Thomas Kinser
Received 9/24/03, posted 10-10-03


Name: Edward D. Beard, CMSgt, USAF (RET)
From: Aurora, Co
Comments: Was stationed just outside Kimpo 1954. Pulled guard mount on Kimpo about every 2 weeks. Always got a huge thrill every day at Retreat when a Sabre came hauling across the base at 500' horsed it into a spiralling climb, then completed the loop about 10000' above the base. There never was and never will be a plane like the Sabre! Thanks to all those who flew her, fought in her, and sometimes died in her.

posted 7/13/03


Hello sir,

I am a 50 year old who was busy being born when you guys were playing with your jets. Your site makes me want to cry that I wasn't born 20 years earlier. A darn good site. I have always believed that the '86 was and still is the finest airplane we've ever built. I bet that with some updated electronics and a few tweaks a good '86 pilot could hold his own in a subsonic dogfight against any current fighter. It would be an interesting (and expensive) experiment. I have always wanted to fly (I'm a student pilot now) and have been an aviation buff since I was a kid. For one reason or another, mostly money related I never was able to get my pilot's license, but now that my wife has passed away I decided to go for it. You only live once! Great site. The AF museum should help support you! How did you get the pics so clear? They look like they were shot yesterday!

- Bob H.


Name: Chad J. Carling
Homepage: none
Where are you from: Mesa Arizona
Comments: I served with the unit 1952 and 1953 weapons repair man on
Major Robinson Risner's aircraft. I retired as a weapons technition on fighter
jet in 1976 with the civil service at Luke A.F.B in Phoniex Arizona.


Name: Joel Perry

Where are
you from:
North Carolina

John, I enjoyed visiting your website. The pictures bring back some nice memories! I flew F-86F's in Korea in 1953-1954. I was in the 12th Fighter-Bomber Squadron, 18th Fighter-Bomber Group, at K-55 (now Osan AFB), and I had the pleasure of flying some missions before the armistice was signed on July 17, 1953. Your website is a great tribute and memorial to your father.

Joel Perry

March 15, 2003

Name: Cathy Vilar
HomePage: http://
Where are
you from:
Alpharetta GA
Comments: My dad was also a fighter pilot in the Korean "conflict" and retired as a Lt Col. We kids loved to sing the songs - I was searching for the Brand records, only remembering the covers, when I came across your site. Dad died in 1992 and I'm trying to put together an album of his long flying career - from WWII enlisted pilot to flying C-124s between Japan and Thailand during Vietnam. Thank you for all your work and for making these albums available to us "air force brats".
Febuary 22, 2003 23:57:58 (GMT Time)

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