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The 2004--2009 Rocketeer Air Force Guest Book
Discussions & comments about the Korean war, vintage fighter aircraft photos, air force memorabilia and the F-86 jet fighter.


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Dear John,

Thank you for the work you have done on the web site for the 336th.

I joined the 336th FDS in Misawa in November, 1955 and remained with them through the transition to the Bunyaps of the 4th FBS. I returned to states in 1957. I had the honor of serving under Major Bruce Carr and was the crew chief on 1/Lt Marvin N. Lindsey's F-86 tail number FU-446. Both were great to serve with. I understand that Marvin is a Vietnam MIA and that Maj. Carr passed away some time ago. I still cherish a scale model of 446 that Lt. Lindsey gave me almost 50 years ago. It is an exact replica down to the names on the canopy.

What an experience for an 18 year old kid from Missouri to be assigned to the 336th. My first or second night with the squadron was bosses night at the Airman's Club and I was assigned the task along with a couple of officers to try and steal the squadron flag of the C-119 squadron who was in Misawa TDY. Someone beat us to the flag but we certainly took advantage of the 10c drink night. By the way I was on PAD duty the next morning. That part was not fun with a hangover in late November at Misawa AFB.

Thank you again for your efforts in establishing this great web site. You have my permission to publish my name and email address. I would enjoy hearing from anyone especially anyone that may remember me. I now live in Northern, California.

Ron Bartlett
336th & 4th FBS
Misawa, Japan

Posted 7-10-2005


I was in Korea at Kimpo from March 1952 until April of 1953. It was a difficult transition from a young airman just in the Air Force for one year to have to go into this situation. I was a member of the 67th Tactical Recon Wg, 67th Instl. Sqdn. I have many mixed memories about that place and I still have quite a few photo's I took while there. I was there when Maj. Gabriewski got his double (or triple?) ace. I think the place I knew as Kimpo a devastated war torn country, will always remain in my memory.

Donald R. Cook, SMSgt USAF (ret)
posted 7/8/2005



I"M Airman First Class Medford I am currently serving with the 336th here at Seymour Johnson Airforce Base N.C. as a crew chief I really love my job and I am very proud to be a part of the rockets and I just wanted to thank all of the former rockets out there for the repuation of this squadron because of you i am now in the WORLD FAMOUS ROCKETTEERS.

Airman First Class Medford

posted 6/25/2005


Please share the below message with your website viewers . Thank you very much!

You can retire your tattered, worn out and frayed American flags without cost to you. Send your flags to the Kitchen Table Gang Trust, 42922 Avenue 12, Madera, CA 93638-8866 and we will dispose of your flags in a proper and dignified manner with full honors and dignity pursuant to the United States Code. We have been doing this for he past seven years. Our flag retirement ceremonies are held on Flag Day, June 14th each year and are conducted by a U.S. Marine Corps Honor Guard supervised by GySgt. Dan Kelley USMC (Ret.). Please, don’t throw your old flags away, send them to us!


Charles Taliaferro

posted 1/12/2005


Dear John,

My name is Joyce Fuller, I practice law in Orlando Florida area. I have the privilege of dating Steve Moore, son of the late Lonnie Moore. I understand that Lonnie Moore, ace pilot who flew Korea and who may have been a Rocketeer, was tragically killed at Eglin AFB in Ft. Walton Beach, FL.

His lovely widow, Billie Moore, is still living in Ft. Walton she is 84 years old. Lonnie's plane was named after Billie. I am in the process of writing an article perhaps a short story for publishing about Mr. Lonnie Moore. I am enjoying your website and the comments and find them to be very helpful. I would sincerely appreciate it if anyone who knows of Lonnie Moore, or who knew him, would contact me via email at . I would love to correspond with you, and so would Lonnie's family. Surely this is a group of brave talented persons: those who flew and those who made the flying possible.

Thank you.

Joyce Fuller, Esquire

posted 1/12/2005


I served at Kadena AFB, with the 336th Ftr Day Sq until it was deactived to Seymour-Johnson AFB, NC. Then served with the 12th Ftr Bomber Sq until I was discharged in 1958. I worked in the flight line office under M/sgt Sweeney. This site brings back old but good memories.

Arnie Andolsek
Posted 12/24/2004


Enjoyed your site. Brings back many memories. I was a" Mess Sgt" w/ the 67th Wing across the field. Most of my time was @ the night mess on the field feeding the pilots who stopped in for re-fueling during the night after a mission during the period December 1952 to October 1953. Was there the day the Mig came in and the pilot defected. In your definitions column you should put "Bedcheck Charlie". Every person there must remember that lousy rotten son of a gun.

posted 11/27/2004


Great web site. I was at K-2 428th FBS flying F-84’s from May until November 1953. I managed to get 55 combat missions before the shooting stopped. Several times the 4th flew top cover for us when we went up close to the Yalu. I’ll always remember the sight of seeing twelve F-86’s pickle off their 24 empty drop tanks right over the top of us.

I visited Korea in 2001 and Kimpo is no longer the International Airport --which has moved to Incheon International Airport out in the mud flats. It looked like Kimpo was mostly domestic flights now. Wouldn’t it be nice if Afghanistan and Iraq turn out as well as South Korea.

Randy Presley

posted 11/17/2004


Hi Mr. Starr,

I have been looking at your web site. It is nice to see someone took the time to but it together. I was a crew chief on F-100's, at Clark A.F.B., in 1962 - 63. I was in the 405th F.L.M.S.. I also worked on F-106's in Minot, N.D. My commander was Col. Broughton, which had served as comander of the Thunderbirds. While at Minot I also worked on the T-33. I got to ride in the T-33, that was the high point of my stay in the U.S.A.F.

Thank you for the nice web site.

Mike Browning
Riceboro, Ga.


Enjoyed your photos and website. I was stationed at K-14, Kimpo AB, Sept 1951 to March 1952 in A Battery, 865th AAA AW Bn after serving in another AAA Battalion from August 1950 to Sept 1951. Your photos of the area looks a lot different than when I was there. The guestbook entries covered many different outfits, aircraft and timeframes.

By the way, in my previous outfit, I took my platoon from Pusan to Taegu (K-2) to Seoul (defended the Korean parliament) to Pyongyang, NK to Sinanju (K-29) and was to go to Sinuiju (K-30) on the Yalu River when the Chinese decided to enter the war.

Jack Hayne Capt. Army (Retired)

Posted 9/6/2004


This is great, I was at Kimpo 4th Transportation April or May of 1953 to June 1954. Living in tents, eating out of and washing our own mess kit, pot belly heater in tent that never worked properly, carrying a carbine everywhere, truck drivers had 45's, BED CHECK CHARLEY, MIG surrender, driving everything, hauling anything (PSP, beer, ammo , rations, laundry etc etc ) guard duty , and many more memories.

It's my 70th birthday in a few days and my son, presently stationed at OSAN ( K 55 ) sent me a flight jacket with a Kimpo Air Base & 5th Air Force patch on it for my big day. I will wear it proudly, though unnecessarily, here in sunny Arizona ( Luke Air Force Base )

James D ( Jim ) Kunkle , MSGT/USAF/RET

posted 9/6/2004


My name is Manuel Rose. I was with the 336th squadron from sept. 1954 in Kimpo and redeployed to Misawa, Japan, then back to Kimpo, Korea in May of 1955 for thirty day TDY. I was in the weapons shop, if anyone was there when I was please drop me a line.

I left the squadron in May of 56. I went to Oxnard AFB. in California. Stayed there for two years. Reinlisted and went to Hanscom AFB in MA. I stayed there for almost four years when I got orders for Okinawa, Kedena AFB. My first sargent was a master sargent namd Wingo, I meet up with him again in Dec. 61 when I got orders to got to Kedena, AFB. I got disharged in Sept. 62. Later I join the resevers at Hancom, AFB in MA. I retired in 1978 as a Mgt.

My first love will always be with the 336FIS and my memories at Kimpo. I would like to hear from anybody who was in the squadron.

Manuel Rose

posted 8/16/04


John, I think we talked/communicated some time ago when you were looking for info on your Dad. I left in May, 1954 so we probably overlapped briefly if at all but I did recognize some of the guys in pics with your Dad! I just sent a couple e-mails to old addresses I got from your web page/archives.

The last/only time I went to F-86 Pilots Assoc. in Las Vegas was for the USAF 50th Anniv. [1997 ?]. After that my wife got sick and I have been a "care-giver" for the last few years until March this year.

I would love to hear from 336th guys circa May, 53 - May, 54.

Your web site is great - keep up the good work!

Dick Erratt
PS I am taking up flying again and it feels great!

posted 6/29/04


Hello one and all - I was an Army volunteer and wound up in the 865th Light Antiaircraft Battalion, 24th Corps guarding Kimpo Airbase. We were lucky because the Battalion we replaced lived in tents - we had quonset huts. The airbase had B17s with large life boats slung underneath and and a few P52s. The road from our nase to the airbase was a two lane lightly paved road paved with honey. Anybody go back to the time before the Korean "police action"?

We had good cold weather gear and we wore it in bed at night because we could not keep the quonset stove going at night. But we were lucky to be there before the war. The battalion had a motor pool of a hundred or so halftracks (that would not run). They each had a turret with 50 caliber machine guns.

Ever onward
Raymond Koehler
Georgia USA

posted 6/3/2004 5:46:53 PM Pacific Daylight Time


Dear John,

My brother was in Korea with the 27th Escort Fighter Wing out of Bergstrom AFB, Austin, TEXAS in the early 1950's. They were in Japan and then later stationed out of Pusan, South Korea, if my memory serves me correctly. Their fighters were the F-84E Thunderjets. Again, if I am correct, the Wing Commander was Col John Wilson who became an ace and was later killed in a crash near Elgin, TEXAS, outside of Austin. I myself went into the USAirForce and Navigator Flight Training School. I went on to fly EB-47's, the B-58 Hustler, and the B-52. You have a great site---

Fly safe,

Leroy J Krenek Major,
USAF(ret) La Grange TEXAS 78945

5/20/04 9:21 AM Pacific Daylight Time


My father 1st Lt. Henry (Hank) A. Sibley Jr., was an F-86 pilot stationed at Kimpo during 1951-1952. He was shot down on May 10, 1952 and retired with 100% disability. He passed away in 1994. The website you created honoring your father serves as a tribute to both him and the other men that served our nation during the Korean War. If anyone happens to remember serving with my father, I would love to hear from them.

Hank Sibley
5/2/2004 2:47:52 PM Eastern Daylight Time


I enjoyed the old photo of “Witches Tit” mountain near Kimpo K-14 that you have on your site. I was stationed at Camp Richmond Hq & Hq Co. 2nd Engineer Group (Const) which was located on the east side of the end of the runway of Kimpo in 1960-61. Our Engineer group kept our small observation plane and helicopter at Kimpo. That mountain was a landmark for us as it could be seen from almost anywhere on the compound. I have built a website about the 2nd Engineer group that you may want to look at since it was so close to Kimpo K-14.

You can get to it here:

- James Roberts
posted 1/16/2004


Enjoyed your website. The pictures of the Suwon Bomb & Gunnery Range are very special as I spent 7 months at the Gunnery Range as an Air Force Radio Operator. At times we would handle 20 flights of 4 Sabres each in a day's work. We were assigned to K-55, Osan AFB. Our radio call sign was "Turkey Trot" and would appreciate hearing from anyone who might have been stationed there as well as any of the pilots who I might have guided on and off the targets.


Jerry Gergasko, S/Sgt, USAF '52-'56 (New Jersey)

Posted 1/10/2004


Hi --

I am Dan Lowery a former crew chief on 462 with the 336th at Kadena. Lt. Leo "Bud" Bender was the pilot assigned to this F-86. I want to say hello to all the Rocketeers out there. I can recall the aircraft coming back thru Kadena on it's way to Korea evidently sold to the Korean AF. The aircraft had been to Taiwan thru CAT, had slats re installed. I was working in TA at the time and really felt honored to refuel "my jet" once again. Fond memories for an aging Airman... Dan.

Dan Lowery Venturer No 16
Posted 1/10/2004


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